Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Get ready for a lot of pictures! :)

Callie loves wearing my shoes around the house. :)

At the fair.

This was the NIGHT before Andrew left for Rexburg. She wore her sunglasses for about 10 minutes and finally decided it was hard to see when it was already dark. :)

She loves wearing her new church shoes around!

My brother, Tim, got home from his mission in September. He had never met Callie before so this was a pretty exciting day! Callie warmed up to him like 10 minutes later. :)

Callie kept hugging this scarecrow. Cute!

We carved pumpkins at my parents house last week. Callie drew on her little pumpkin for a little bit until she started drawing on the table...

Callie and I carving her pumpkin. ps, I LOVE Callie in this picture!

She wanted to carve so I let her. ;) Right after this picture I ended up taking that away from her since she started playing with it. haha

Callie's pumpkin is on the left and mine and Brady's is on the right. Awesome!

For those of you who don't know, Andrew is in Rexburg right now taking some extra classes. Callie and I are staying with my family in Spokane because it's cheaper, but Andrew will be back for good in December. 6 more weeks!

Our little ladybug! Playing with the leaves before trick-or-treating. :)

She smiles for most pictures now, like she use to, which is great! And I made her tutu and antennas. I am sooo proud of her tutu and it just makes me want to make 10 more fun ones for her to wear around the house! :)

Her 1st Halloween candy! Actually those are pretzels, which I think are pretty lame. Oh well. ;)

When we got home I put her on the couch and gave her some candy. She leaned back, crossed her feet, and was in heaven! hahaha

I'm so glad Andrew was able to be with Callie on this fun day! And I know Callie loved it!

Monday, July 18, 2011


My mom, Callie, and I flew to Illinois in June for my Uncles wedding. All week we were decorating the church gym for the reception, making all the food for the reception, and pretty much we were really busy. But it was so nice to see everyone! And it was even better being there for my Uncle Jared's temple marriage! I'm so happy for him!

This isn't a very good picture, but from L-R: Grandma Ashley, Callie, Lauren, my mom, Dalynne, and Aubrey dipping the strawberries in chocolate for the reception.

Even though we were busy during the day getting everything ready for the weekend, the nights were SO MUCH FUN! Every night we would stay up late talking and laughing and DANCING! We were trying to help Uncle Jared come up with songs to play at the reception, but then we would run across a great fun song to dance to and we would all dance to it.

Also, one night we were trying to teach Uncle Jared how to slow dance and what he should do while dancing with Michelle (his wife now). There was a lot of laughing and some tender moments that I will never forget. I love getting together with this family.

Mr. and Mrs. Jared Ashley!

My cousin Aubrey and 2nd cousin Whitney.

My cousins son, Jaxtyn, surprisingly sat next to Callie, after a few days of not wanting anything to do with her. haha

Callie and I dancing.

Callie and Amol- Amol danced with Callie the whole time pretty much, way more than he danced with my cousin (his wife). haha sorry Lauren. :)

He LOVES my mom! :)

Me and Grandma Ashley.

Uncle Jared and I.

Zach graduated on June 13. Yay Zach! :)

Fathers Day!

He wanted a kiss but she just wanted to play with his lips. haha

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

May...yeah it's a bit late.

My Aunt Melissa is getting into Photography and wanted to take some pictures of Callie. I think she did an amazing job! Here are some of my favorites.

Callie makes these HUGE kissing lips all the time! I'm glad she got a picture of them!

Andrew turned 25 on May 31st!

We went to the Melting Pot the day before for his birthday dinner.

This is a steam behind Jim and Paula's house.

Andrew's 25th Birthday! And Jim and Paula's 38th Wedding Anniversary! Andrew wanted Key Lime Pie instead of cake. I'm going to brag a little- I made it and it was SO GOOD! :)

My family came also, and this is Callie with whip cream on her face after my dad kept squirting it in her mouth. haha she loved it!

Monday, July 4, 2011

New Blog Address

Hey everyone! Next week our blog address will be We're letting you know now so you don't lose us! :) Keep in touch!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

May and more cute pictures of Callie! :)

Sometimes I pull her in this- she LOVES it! haha

Mimi and Callie. Notice Callie's earrings? :) They're just clip-ons.

Mother's Day: Andrew and Callie brought me breakfast in bed and made me french toast with peanut butter, yumm!

Callie loves walking on dad's feet!

So cute.

I love it when she sits like this.

I caught her playing like this. :)

Callie and Grandpa.

So Callie doesn't like the feeling of grass. It seems like she's a little better in it if she's touching Andrew or I, for comfort maybe? You'll see her reaction to grass in the following pictures. :)

She fell and didn't want to touch the grass. haha

And we just left her there so she would possibly get use to it. But didn't. Don't you just love this face??! hahaha

Don't you love her bottom lip?! This was the longest she's ever stood up on her own- she is still not walking! But she stood up for like 5 minutes in this same spot because she didn't want to fall and touch the grass! So funny! And mean of us for just taking pictures and laughing. :)

Didn't want to touch the ground. :)

What a funny girl!

Update: I had her walk in the grass yesterday, after Jim mowed it, and she did fine. Still a little hesitant, but way better than earlier this week! :)